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Creative Solutions for real word problems

An eCommerce client noticed that she was spending too much time on administrative functions. Our creative solution helps her save precious time and money on every transaction.

The initial problem was that the client wanted a "shipping feed" that would automatically generate labels with USPS tracking bar codes embedded inside of them, without having to manually enter the information herself. Upon tackling the job, the client revealed she was using USPS.com to generate labels with postage. 

Upon inspection of the USPS API's, and through a follow up phone call to USPS, it was determined that using the API's would result in her not having to manually type each customer's address out, but would require her to use a 3rd party vendor such as Stamps.com or an expensive postage meter to apply the postage to the package once the label generated by the API was created. 

Instead of going forth with the API solution which was clearly less then satisfactory to the client, we proposed to build a customized browser, which interfaces directly with the back end of her eCommerce site, and the USPS website. The cost savings for this program are readily apparent, saving about 5 minutes per order, which even with the modest volume translates into hours every month. Best part of it all, this solution only took 2 billable hours to implement. 

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