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Is your website driving customers away? (Part 2)

This is part two of the article. Is your website driving customers away?

8)Not Including Social Sharing Buttons on Your content. 

This is common sense to me. Make content that is interesting, and ask people to share it. Just make it easy for them to share it. Include not just share buttons, but 'Like Buttons' and  '+1' buttons. Here's a tip to build a bigger following on Facebook. Include a standard like button, that is coded for your Facebook Fan Page. Clicking this like button will allow people to get your updates in their newsfeed, and if you have a decent following already builds trust and credibility in your company.

9) You don't have a blog.

A website is supposed to be the place where people can go to get the latest information on your business. A blog doesn't have to be all teaching and lessons. You don't have to be the next John Grisham to write a blog either. Share about things your company does. Share about specials. Share about ways people use your products or services. What events did your company participate in? Did you just add a new member to your team? Are you moving to a new location? Just remember that it isn't Twitter, and you do not need to share every time you take a bowel movement. Part of a blogging is encouraging people to comment and add their own two sense to the mix. Having a blog without comments is like having a car without gas, its not going to go very far. 

10)Titles and Content are Incongruous

Ok, first off, this subtitle violates one of my main rules of writing for the web. Write for an 8th grade audience. I would have chosen something simpler, like 'Misleading Titles' Other than that, great advice. If you sucker people in with misleading titles, they are going to worry whether or not you are going to be deceptive with your products or services. Who wants to do business with a deceptive business person. 

11) Your Call-to-Action copy doesn't align with the offer. 

On my Free Website Offer, I clearly state that in order to get a free website, you have to host it with me, and display the prices for my hosting. Be upfront with people. Otherwise people may feel like your trying to scam them. I don't want to be scammed, and if you are lucky enough to catch me on an off day, rest assured there wont be a second time. Not sure about your business, but I love repeat business and referrals. Something you won't get if you try to scam me. 

12) Your Internal Linking isn't User-Friendly

Yes, quite a few good points brought up on this. Internal Linking is very important, and when done wrong can harm your site with Search Engines, and potential customers. A rule of thumb to follow with an internal linking scheme is everything should be within two clicks of the home page. Just don't over do it. I recommend no more than 4 links per article in your content. Anchor text doesn't have that big of an influence from internal links, so your primary concern should be readable content, not anchor text. Keep tabs on the external links you include in your site as well. Many times external deep links may end up breaking. Guess who gets blamed for that then? 

13) Sliders that take forever, and ever to load. 

Sliders are kinda like a slideshow or photo gallery that just takes up the space of one picture. These should not require a separate page load every time you view a new image. Besides that, when possible your web designer should have set up your page to load quickly, calling large javascript libraries and other external items async instead of sync. 

14) Using Flash

Flash is an useful tool in my opinion. For certain select operations that you cannot perform using HTML and Javascript. If you use Flash, use it sparingly, and don't make the entire website out of it. If you do decide to use Flash (or have a developer uses Flash for you) remember that not all devices support Flash, and that some people actually turn Flash off on the devices that do support it. 

15)The Worst Offender: I don't know what to do

Each page should have its own call to action, or primary action you want that visitor to accomplish. Whether it is purchase this product or service, or choose what you are looking for. Maybe just watch this video and then give me feedback, or join a mailing list. If you don't ask people to do something, and compel them to do it, it won't get done. 

That's it for my rant here. I hope you found the information useful. If your website makes some of the mistakes identified in this post, and you want someone to help you fix them, be sure to check out my Free Website Offer. All I ask is that you host it with me. 


Published Thursday, April 26, 2012 by


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